Optional Coverage

Optional Coverage Available:
  • Contents Replacement Cost – Subject to certain exclusions, insurance company will pay replacement cost on losses to personal property.
  • Single Limit Endorsement – Subject to certain requirements, insurance company will pay a maximum amount for damage resulting from an Insured Peril in respect to one occurrence. This maximum amount equals to the sum of the limits shown on the Coverage Summary page for Dwelling Building, Detached Private Structures, Personal Property and Additional Living expenses.
  • Water Damage / Sewer Backup Endorsement – Coverage is extended to include direct loss or damage resulted from the backing up or escaping of water from a sewer, sump, septic tank, or eaves trough or downspout.
  • Earthquake Endorsement – Coverage is extended to include direct loss or damage caused by an earthquake subject to Earthquake deductible, which is usually a percentage of the insurance limits shown on the Coverage Summary Page of Policy.
  • Home Business Endorsement – Generally, this is an extension to your Homeowners, Tenants, and Condominium Insurance policies. It is designed to extend coverage to a small full-or-part-time business or office operating out of the principal residence.Typically, it includes coverage for business property up to certain limit(s) and liability coverage for the business operation. Business property may consist of stock, equipment, tools, books, papers, office furniture and equipment.