Automobile Insurance

ICBC Claims

  • Report your accident / incident to I.C.B.C by calling the “dial-a-claim” at 604-520-8222 or 1-800-910-4222, if your are out of the province but in Canada or USA.
  • The attendant will take all the particulars, police case number (if applicable) and arrange an appointment with an adjuster at a claim centre of your convenience
  • Police should be notified if there is injury or death, or if it is a “hit & run” accident, or if your vehicle is broken into, vandalized or stolen, or if the combined property damage appears to exceed $1,000
  • Crash Reporting Guide ( can help to let you know what information is required.
  • You could report online if it is not a Hit & Run and it does not involve injuries of person(s). ICBC Claims in Auto (

Claims with Private Insurers

If you have placed coverage with a Private Auto Insurer and you are at-fault (or partly at-fault) in an accident, you are required to report the incident to both ICBC & the Private Insurer. However, if you are not at-fault, just report the incident to the Private Insurer.

Just call our office or complete the Crash Reporting Guide and fax us. (

Personal & Business Insurance

When you have to make a claim, we do what we have to do to make sure that it is smooth sailing all the way!

It is simple! Just call us at 604-688-2323. To make things easier, please have your policy number handy. (Notice of Loss)

For after-hour emergency claims, please dial 1-800-990-8878.

We will ask you the following questions:

  1. Place – civic address of the home or business affected
  2. Nature of the loss – fire, wind, water, break & enter, or others
  3. Date & time of loss
  4. If local authority is notified – fire department, police, or others, the case number is required
  5. Extent of damage – number of rooms or surface area affected, interruption of power, any concerns with electrical system? Is the site secured?
  6. If you know the source of the problem – a leaking toilet, fallen tree from back yard, kitchen stove…
  7. Contact person name (someone who has a key to the premises) & telephone numbers
  8. If an emergency crew has to be dispatched to mitigate the loss. If so, please know that the restoration company requires a signed Work Authorization before commencement of any kind of work. Please note: restoration company cannot confirm the coverage. If the claim is outside of your coverage, you may be required to pay for the emergency service.
  9. Minimize your loss – if it is safe to do so, move things out of harm’s way or make temporary repairs and take other steps to protect your property from further damage

Further to our reporting, an adjuster, a claim representative from the insurance company will contact you by phone to obtain specific details and provide further instructions.

Travel Insurance

CanAm Insurance
(US/Canada Toll Free) 1-877-251-5109
(Worldwide Collect) 519-251-5109

Allianz Global Assistance
(US/Canada Toll Free) 1-800-995-1662
(Worldwide Collect) 416-340-0049

TuGO Travel Insurance
(US/Canada Toll Free) 1-800-663-0399
(Worldwide Collect) 604-278-4108

(US/Canada Toll Free) 1-800-334-7787
(Worldwide Collect) 905-667-0587